Professional Development

“Traditionally, development strategies for educators focused on the improvement of skills and the acquisition of new knowledge and techniques. Although these activities are an essential part of professional development, the recent emphasis in the adult education literature on critical reflection and transformative learning gives us new insights into how educators learn. If adults learn by transforming their perspective or by reconstructing their experiences, then we should be able to apply our understanding of these processes to learning about educational practice. We can integrate our learning into our practice – learn about teaching while we are teaching – and reconstruct what we know in addition to acquiring new knowledge.”

– Patricia Cranton, Professional Development as Transformative Learning

Project READ Literacy Network coordinates professional development workshops and opportunities for its member agencies. We support the growth of literacy practitioners, instructors, trainers and educators in the field of adult education by presenting several workshops each year, maintaining a resource library, and partnering with Conestoga College to deliver the Teacher of Adults: Literacy Educator Certificate Program.

The network has assessment tools for practitioners to identify their professional strengths and set goals for development. We work with our member organizations and other community groups to identify the training needs of educators and trainers in our region of Waterloo-Wellington. Contact us about our upcoming training events or obtaining a copy of the practitioner assessment tool.

You can register for T of A:LE online courses at Conestoga College’s website –

Feel free to download the pdf documents about the T of A: LE program – “Program At A Glance” and “So What’s In It For Me”. These short documents outline the contents of the program including course outcomes as well as highlighting the benefits of enrolling.

Are you looking for workshop facilitators or new workshop topics? We have a list of Workshops and Facilitators that are offered by professional consultants in the adult literacy field in Ontario. Please email to request a copy of the “Workshop Inventory”.