Tips for Reading to Your Child

  • Sit close to the child. Cuddle or sit the child on your lap. Be
  • Talk about the pictures. Point things out.
  • Involve the child. Ask the child to point out things in the pictures.
    Do you see the puppy dog? Show me the puppy dog! Good!
  • Let the child turn the pages.
  • Gently run the tip of your finger under the text as you read.
  • Let the child join in and "read along" by filling in
    his or her favourite parts of the story, or words that repeat throughout
    the text.
  • "Act" the story with your voice and body.
  • Don’t worry about reading for a long time. And you don’t have
    to read the WHOLE book. A few minutes and a page or two are fine!!!
  • Have fun!