Be A Role Model

Use Reading and Writing to do Everyday Practical Things.
Invite your Child to help you.

Mailing a letter or paying a bill?

Let your child seal the envelope and stick on the stamp.

Building a birdhouse?

Let your child hold the measuring tape to help you measure the wood.

Making a cake from a recipe?

Let your child put the water in the measuring cup and pour it into the bowl.

Doing the Laundry?

Let your child match the socks. Roll them into balls. Count the pairs.

Waiting for the bus at the bus stop?

Let your child help you watch for the bus number, and then give the driver the ticket or put the coins in the slot.

Family Literacy Daily Checklist

Today I played “literacy games” with my child.

  • We sang songs
  • We counted toes
  • We played patty-cake
  • We put together a puzzle
  • We talked to each other

Today my child saw me read and write.

  • I wrote a note
  • I read the newspaper or a book
  • I followed a recipe
  • I put something together from the instructions
  • I made and used a grocery list

Today I read a book with my child.